How to build a successful career in Digital Media Industry? – RajaSekhar Buggaveeti


As a passionate edupreneur with 19 eventful years of frontline experience in the digital media education and production space, I am delighted to share my views on the skills/traits vital to building a successful career in this challenging yet rewarding field.

 1. ‘Eye for Detail’ 

Developing an Eye for Detail”  is very important in shaping one’s success as a digital artist, irrespective of the creative platform, be it 2D/3D Animation, Visual Effects (VFX), Graphic Design or Web Design. To excel and produce outstanding work, one must aim for perfection. This can only be achieved by paying meticulous attention to detail, taking a close look (zoom) to inspect minute details of alignment, image quality, colour and other design elements while keenly spotting design flaws.

It is the zeal to achieve perfection that differentiates the wheat from the chaff. The passionate artist is obsessive about detail and will never compromise on the integrity and professionalism of his work. For instance, keen observation of the sketch here will reveal that the artist has gone to great lengths to ensure detail and has succeeded in infusing life into the portrait by using a basic tool as simple as a pencil.

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